Lashing strap with pressure ratchet, endless 6m

‘- Lashing capacity for tension in straight line or Lashing capacity by strapping
– In accordance with EN 12195-2
– Temperature range: -40°C to +100°C
– Little stretch in the strap reduces the risk of retensioning
– Never use lashing straps for lifting purposes
– Attach the lashing straps so that the strap is not twisted
– Never put load on the point of hooks
– The ratchet must not be tensioned on a corner of the load
– Always use protective gear with loads with sharp edges and/or rough surfaces
– Never use polyester lashing straps in alkaline environment

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Product Description

Weight 1631 g
Dimensions 240 × 165 × 115 mm
Bracket type | Straps/Belts


Colour | Straps/Belts/Leashes


Brand | Global


Lashing capacity by strapping LC2 (kg) | Straps/Belts

4000.0 kg

Lashing capacity for tension in straight line LC1 (kg) | Straps/Belts

2000.0 kg

Length (m) | Straps/Belts/Leashes

6.00 m

Width (mm) | Straps/Belts/Leashes

50 mm

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