Brake cleaner 500ml

– Brake parts cleaner with five active components.
– Removes oil, grease, traffic dirt and brake fluid.
– Highly effective.
– Fast drying, leaves no residue – Reduces disc-brake squeal and clutch chatter
– Fast evaporation to minimize downtime
– Does not leave a residue
– Pleasant smell
– Safe on all metal surfaces, does not stain
– Handy 360° spray system
– Propellant CO2

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Important documents

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Product Description

Dimensions 236 × 65 × 65 mm
Content in sale unit (l) (ml) | Global

500 ml

Content in sale unit (pcs) | Global

1 pcs

Brand | Global


Content per multi-package (pcs) | Global

12 pcs

Industry application | Paints/Technical Sprays/Liquid/Gel/Solvents/Hardeners/Pest control/Disinfection/Disinfestation preparations

Agriculture, Assembling, Automotive/Machinery

Nozzle 360° rotation | Technical Sprays


NSF registered | Technical Sprays/Liquid/Gel


Packing type | Global


Propellant type | Technical Sprays

Carbon dioxide

Purpose | Chemicals/Lubrication

Brake/Clutch cleaner

Amount per package factor unit | Global


Amount per package factor | Global


Content per pallet (pcs) | Global

1008 pcs

Nozzle type | Sprays

Basic nozzle

For usage | Global

Indoor, Outdoor

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