Engine 2-stroke oil, 1l, semi-

*Please note that this item is either a dangerous good or a non-standard delivery size. This means a specialist carrier will be used and this item will take 24-48 hours to deliver. – For the lubrication of all aircooled 2 stroke engines : karts, scooters, cultivators and chain saws
– Used in unleaded (RON 95 or 98) or high-octane gasoline with a dilution of 2 or 3 %, or for separated lubrication with a pump – Optimal miscibility
– Protects against the formation of droplets on sparkplugs, prevents the formation of deposits, gums and varnishes and ensures maximal protection against corrosion- Formulated from mineral and synthetic base oils combined with components
– Density at 15 °C: 882 kg/m3
– Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C: 105,3 mm²/s
– Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C: 12 mm²/s
– Viscosity index 103
– Flash point: 218 °C

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    Product Description

    Weight 989 g
    Dimensions 201 × 135 × 58 mm
    API quality class | Oils


    Capacity (l) | Oils

    1.0 l

    Brand | Global


    Category | Oils


    Type | Oils

    Engine, Engine 2-stroke

    Amount per package factor unit | Global


    Amount per package factor | Global


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