Flange seal 518 50ml, Loctite

– For sealing dimensionally stable flange connections such as those for water pumps, engine, differential and steering gear housing covers
– Ideal for rigid flanges made of iron, steel and aluminium
– Not recommended for plastics – Ideal overhead work, as well as for vertical flanges- 1-component surface sealant, medium strength
– Colour: red
– Viscosity: thixotropic, gel
– Curing: anaerobic, through sealing off air between close-fitting metal surfaces
– Immediate sealing against low pressure after mounting the flange
– Temperature resistance: -55 to +150 °C
– Max. gap: 0.25 mm
– Oil resistance: excellent
– Resistance to water/glycol: excellent
– Fixture time on steel: 25 minutes
– Fixture time on aluminium: 20 minutes
– Tensile shear strength: 7.5 N/mm²

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    Product Description

    Weight 90 g
    Dimensions 155 × 55 × 30 mm
    Base medium | Paints/Glues/Silicones/Sealants/Greases/Solvents/Hardeners


    Content in sale unit (l) (ml) | Global

    50 ml

    Brand | Global


    Content in sale unit (pcs) | Global

    1 pcs

    Designed for material | Paints/Glues/Silicones/Sealants


    Final curing time (h) | Glues/Silicones/Sealants

    24.00 h

    Max resistant temperature (°C) | Glues/Silicones/Sealants

    150 °C

    Min resistant temperature (°C) | Glues/Silicones/Sealants

    -75 °C

    Purpose | Chemicals/Lubrication


    Resistance against | Glues/Silicones/Sealants


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